About Us

Our Idea

Hello enthusiastic planters, gardeners, and plant beginners,

Welcome to our store!! This store was created by two best friends who are in love with plants and want to share their knowledge about plants with plant enthusiasts, gardeners and plant beginners.

In our life, plants play a very important role lifestyle. We have more than dozens of plants in our apartment, starting from mango tree and ending with majestic palms. Some of them you can see on the picture.

Why do we like them? Based on our experiences, plants reduce noise from outside, freshen the air and make the apartment more complete. Moreover, according to studies, the indoor plants boost our mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. They also reduce stress and help to clean indoor air by absorbing toxins.

MYOPATIO offers different variety of plants with special features such as free shipping and 5-6 business days delivery.

The online store operates around the entire United States and includes various types of plants such as small size, medium size, and large size plants as well as by categories, tropical (majestic palm), practical (spider plants) and air purifying (snake plants).

Our mission is to offer plants that have mental and physical benefits – they help people to concentrate, and they also improve people’s memory. They reduce indoor air pollution, absorb benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and increase humidity. Additionally, they absorb sounds and reduce noise in buildings.

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